Start Cost of liquidating a company

Cost of liquidating a company

Downsizing, De-clutter, re-locating, we have options for you.

If you’ve ever had a friend or family member gripped by gambling addiction or a drug problem, you’ve seen it. Now Venezuela is looking even more desperate, offering $5 billion worth of bonds at 20 cents on the dollar through a Chinese brokerage, according to the Wall Street Journal, whose reporters have been tracking the country’s attempts to secure emergency cash.

That is the kind of financing typically available to people with trembling hands trying to negotiate through bulletproof glass.

I am looking to purchase a loss making company (£1.3m historial debts) and in order to achieve the turnaround strategy, I *think* I will need to liquidate the company. I am looking for some advice as to whether this is a legal and appropriate approach and to work with someone through the liquidation process (if appropriate).