Start Dating a swiss guy

Dating a swiss guy

Please dont judge me.i just wanted to know how are swiss guys when it comes to starting a relationship, in a relationship and maybe after a relationship.

I heard that it's has got something to do with the region or cantons in Switzerland for that matter: in German swiss region people are more bored due to the weather which makes them more cold towards each other and ''alles ins Ordnung'' we live like robots...

There are a number of peculiarities that I (as a non-native) have observed while living with a Swiss boyfriend: I would not believe it if I did not see it with my own eyes. If he says something, he really means it and you know he is not going to kill time with small chitchat, trying to impress you.

And do not even try to bother telling him you already have cheese at home when he wants to take another kind of Gruyère at the grocery store. Making effective decisions takes time for a Swiss maximalist, and you just cannot spontaneously pick a movie to watch.

He always makes sure not to waste time watching or purchasing something that would bring little value to him.