Start Dating site in lagos

Dating site in lagos

It is an ambassador of love ,a new relationship entity envisioned to restructure, re- orientate and propagate the essentialities of a healthy relationship either as individuals or an organization .

She has a degree in Accounting from the Lagos State university and has ICAN & also a degree in Psychology in view. Mrs Harriet Ogbobine is an educator and professional social counselor and motivational speaker who has worked (and still working in some) for various organisations and attended various courses on life issues: relationships, work, family, crisis and stress management, healthy lifestyle among others.

She has worked for Good Counsel Network UK as a social welfare and publicity counselor, as a counselor/coordinator for Doctors Health Initiative, as a magazine columnist on “Nutrition” in Today’s Woman (TW) magazine and Good Parenting magazine respectively, as a columnist in Saturday edition of “The Nation” newspaper on Relationships titled “Life Issues with Harriet Ogbobine”. Harriet Ogbobine can presently be heard on numerous radio stations and cable television on the topic of Relationships and Family issues (family life) Mrs.

However, it enables prospective partners secure a trusting ground to meet one on one .

Each partner has the opportunity to request a special and effective background check on any three partners of their choice for quality assurance in order to meet the specific demands. In other words , the essence of matchmaking is to reconnect two counseled participant to fit each other’s criteria.

That is ,after proper consultation has been carried out by our qualified psychologist / relationship expert .

It is a package that can be requested by participants who are willing to go further in finding a soul mate .

Our vision is to be the first worldwide dating and match- making firm bringing two genuine hearts to beat as one with the help of quality assurance, recommendations, psychology, motivation ,counseling and mentorship, that will yield a successful and yet a happy ending to our target audience.

This package entails proper guidance for individuals,groups and persons seeking to better themselves with the help of psychology on request .

Everyone at OBae Bae has the opportunity to learn and grow in wisdom as well as get proper counseling either on one on one basis or via Skype with our well trained professional counselors.

We also offer corporate empowerment & motivation for organizations who require counseling for its members of staff and management team.

However,all these features are done by a relationship expert,counselor and psychologist.