Start Dating someone who smokes weed

Dating someone who smokes weed

When I found out we were having a baby and I stopped.

I flip back and forth between, is it really a big deal?

should I risk this other wise wonderful realationship (I actually do love him and in every other aspect he is amazing) and this is a huge deal for me and I can't even think about living with / marrying /starting a family with him when he is using at all.

They also said they were looking for a relationship.was not true either.. ) or you're being kicked out of your home because you'd rather support a meth habit than pay the rent.(Ok, it's an over the top comparison but you get the point.) I would go into a further description in my profile but like I said it's not something I broadcast. it's not like you have a pile of meth sitting on the table so i guess it's what ever lol.

So once I realized he may have a problem I decided I should have a discussion with him tell him that I feel very strongly that any drugs are not healthy and that I would like him to please cut back, was basically the bottom line of the conversation.

In this particular area it is not reasonable to expect people to openly admit to committing an illegal act. I have no problem with people who are "straight edge" but it does bother me when they reject people out of hand.

One of my friends whom I smoke with, once got busted by his girlfriend for getting high.

He at first did not understand why I was so against it but eventually he said he would cut back but it would take him a while to ween off it it ALTHOUGH he said he in no way was addicted.