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As Persians gained power, they developed the infrastructure to support their growing influence, including creation of a capital named Pasargadae and an opulent city named Persepolis.

The Debtors hereby grant, release, assign, transfer, convey and deliver, on behalf of the Beneficiaries, the Trust Assets to the Trustee as of the Effective Date with such Trust Assets to be held in trust for the benefit of the Beneficiaries and to be applied as specified in this Agreement and the Plan.

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A lockout-shortened season and league disinterest forced fans into two seasons without the historic competition.

Vince Carter saved the NBA Slam Dunk Contest 16 years ago with the same in-your-face attitude that he brings to the Memphis Grizzlies today.

(Oliver, Betty)List of Witnesses of Defendant Tennessee Department of Revenue (Re: Related Document(s) 9 Pretrial Order) Filed by Gina Baker Hantel of Office of the Tennessee Attorney General on Behalf of State of Tennessee Department of Revenue,through Richard H.

(Hantel, Gina)Notice of Hearing (Re: Related Document(s) 22 Motion to Continue Filed by Alfred H.

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