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But my overthinking mind had something on itself aside from the tickling feeling it gets whenever Helena jumps in the air to counter-spike the volleyball while wearing a string bikini that leaves almost little to the imagination yet costs more than my college tuition and student loans combined. Like I stated earlier, I played this game while suffering of the flu. Not everyone out there would ever get excited for those casino simulation games.

Now if two sisters who previously had kunai at each others throats can settle down and make peace with another, then maybe that’s the secret to world peace.

If we can only get that would work with our political leaders. Made for Some Simple Yet Difficult to Master Cosplay for Some Females.

Bravo Tecmo and Team Ninja, you magnificent bastards that play with my virtual heartstrings. Proof that Even Rival/Bloodthirsty Enemies Can Get Along.

I recall from my fellow cosplayer Tira Mus SH that while it looked simple to pull of Tina Armstrong cosplay from Dead or Alive Xtreme, there are some complications to the matter.

Now they’re acting like none of that “I’ve been ordered to kill my half-sister for leaving the clan” stuff ever existed.

So like I stated earlier, the universe of Dead or Alive can be gritty sometimes.

However, I feel like that while Xtreme beach volleyball cosplay may seem simple, it’s not.