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even though it won't come out for another three and a half years.

She sets up a lamp Stonehenge in his bedroom and strings up Christmas lights everywhere.

It doesn't matter, anyway, because the creature he's trying to escape from is actually above him.

We hear a guttural snarl as the man is lifted up like a plush toy in an arcade game.

Left home alone, she gets bored and flips on the TV.

A Coke commercial proves traumatizing, triggering a flashback to having her brainwaves measured while mind-crushing a can of Coke under Brenner’s instructions.

Jonathan thinks she’s losing it, but Mike’s little sister Holly knows what’s up.

She toddles off to Will’s room when her mother comes over to bring Joyce a casserole.

Elle refuses to mind-kill a cat in Brenner’s lab, so she’s dragged off by burly orderlies. Brenner rushes in to comfort her, picking her up and carrying her limp body down the hall.