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Another was Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who, on a visit to Kindersley’s home at East Garston in Berkshire, asked if she might see round the house.

For good measure, he gave £10 to the other girls on the tills as well.

It was only when his credit card statement arrived that he understood the nature of “cash back”. His father was Philip Leyland Kindersley, son of the 1st Lord Kindersley; his mother was Oonagh Guinness, who would later marry the 4th Lord Oranmore and Browne.

He worked hard for charitable causes, among them the British Institute of Sports Medicine and the Spinal Injuries Association.

During his career as a jockey Kindersley twice broke his back, in 1955 at Stratford and seven years later at Hurst Park; on the second occasion his doctor told him his days as a jockey were over, but he returned to the saddle.

In 1956 Kindersley married Margaret (“Magsie”) Wakefield, a society beauty once mooted as a possible bride of the Duke of Kent.

They had two sons and two daughters — one of whom, the novelist Tania Kindersley, recalled in 2000: “My dad was a gambler.

By the time Gay was at prep school his parents’ marriage was in trouble.