Start Regular expression for validating date

Regular expression for validating date

Consult the regular expression documentation or the regular expression solutions to common problems section of this page for examples. You can create range of characters using the hyphen character such as A-Z (A to Z).

This regular expression will match all HTML tags and their attributes.

Regular Expressions; public class Class1 // The example displays the following output to the console if run on 8/21/2007: // Converted 08/21/2007 to .

Regular Expressions Module Date Format Replacement Public Sub Main() Dim date String As String = Date. Write Line("Converted to .", date String, result String) End Sub Function MDYTo DMY(input As String) As String Try Return Regex.

Your user interface should take care of the formatting problem by having a clear documentation on the format and/or split the phone into parts (area, exchange, number) and/or have an entry mask.