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As we shall see below, the "new" programs are still imprisoned by stereotypes.

At this point, televised sexuality eerily resembles early 1960's movies and more explicit programs than "Soap" have already appeared on public television (e.g., "Poldark" during early 1977) with almost no averse publicity.

Rather, this paper concerns whether and how the "new adult" programs of the late 1970's portray sexuality as part of a gender stereotyped and segregated world.

Obviously, sex is one of the most intimate relationships that can occur between women and men.

What happens when commercial television tries to be innovative in gender roles?

Using these examples, this paper focuses on three main areas.

First, the characters and settings will be described with reference to sex roles on television.

Since the sexes are portrayed in stereotyped roles, even when the intention is 'role-reversal", and often exploit each other, it is not surprising that televised sex is not much fun.