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Updating image

tab enables you to upload a new image file or a new certificate file to the Vidyo Room or Vidyo Panorama 600 local disk.

Connect to the Yún's web panel page by entering the IP address or the name you gave to the board in the browser. Once logged in, on the first page with the network information, scroll to the bottom, where you should see a notification informing you that a file containing an upgrade image has been found.

If you want to proceed resetting the Yún, click the red While you are upgrading the image you can't use the Yún You can connect to the Yún via SSH and use a command line tool on your computer to upgrade the system's image.

Can't reproduce the Twenty Fourteen version anymore - there is ocasionally some weirdness with header images but it typically gets resolved with a reload or switching themes and can't be reproduced consistently.

The second part turned out just being a theme-specific issue.

This is useful when the Vidyo Portal does not have a client installer file available or when the Vidyo Portal version does not support uploading the client.

Please do the following prior to uploading an image or client installer file if accessing the Admin UI via your Internet Explorer browser: Caution: Starting with Vidyo Room or Vidyo Panorama 600 version 3.2.5, five days after uploading a new image, that image automatically becomes the factory default base image the system reverts to when using the “Restore to Factory Image” feature.

The list of available packages for the Yún is available here. If you erroneously upgraded a Yún board with the image for the Yún Shield (1.6.2) the device won't boot because it has an incompatible bootloader.

You can still recover your device following this Image Restore procedure and keep your original warranty status.

We have several groups we are working with, all have had a group image applied, but the Group Image doesnt seem to propogate to the connected Share Point site (just get the colored background with two letters).

Should the image populate automatically, or is this the expected behavior and Share Point Site logos have to be manually set?

If the Vidyo Room is busy in a call at the time of a scheduled commit, then the commit will initiate after the call ends.