Start Updating thumbnails picasa

Updating thumbnails picasa

In the meantime wireless home networks became more robust, so instead of redundant chaos, the next best option was maintaining once central Picasa home-base, and accessing it from other computers via the network.

We want to use the P: designation, but can’t simply rename our main hard disk, nor can we map it as a network drive, so we’ll apply the symbolic link trick again: set up a link from the root folder to the public folder.

Steps: Folder Manager, and select \P\Pictures as the folder to watch – unselect everything else.

So once again, we’ll cheat: find a way to refer to the central Picasa Lib under the same drive letter from all computers.

but wait, first things first: Picasa is my favorite photo management program, and hey, it’s hard to beat free!

For a few minutes you’ll see heavy activity, and for a while Picasa may show duplicate folders, double the number of pictures you really have, but will eventually sort it all out.

These are the computers that have no local Picasa information, we just use them to access our main libraries from the “server”.

Here’s why: Picasa stores the result of your “watched folders” configuration in a plain text file named in the Picasa2Albums folder.